Wednesday, 14 October 2015

4 Aluminium Free Deodorants That Work For Kids

Aluminium Free Best Deodorant for Kids

Whatever the season it is, there are some times in life when we really need protection from the bad body odour. These are particularly the occasions when we are among our pals or family. Body odour may not necessarily arise in the gym during exercise. Even if you are in a meeting or get together with the friends, your body may sweat and can cause a bad odour. Obviously, it won’t make you feel comfortable, rather create an embarrassment and make you feel ashamed. To avoid such situations, there is a need to select the right type of deodorant that you can use on a routine basis. In order to choose the product, you need to check the one that can give lasting protection, safer in use and is the best aluminium free deodorant.

Why Avoid Deodorants Containing Aluminium

Nowadays, numerous types of deodorants are available in the market that contain an element of aluminium. Other elements including artificial scents are used that are too sensitive for the skin. It may cause allergy or sometimes serious skin problems. Aluminium can also cause breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney issues and sometimes bone disorders.

Essential Elements of Aluminium Free Deodorants

When selecting the aluminium free deodorants, make sure that it must contain the natural ingredients and essential extracts from oil. It is not necessary that all aluminium free deodorants comprise such elements. Some are highly risky in use as they may include chemicals like propylene glycol and triclosan that are too dangerous for the body and skin.

Aluminium Free Deodorants That Are Good For Kids

While talking about the kids, their skin is the most sensitive one. There is no doubt that children reaching the age of puberty face more sweating and odour issues particularly in the age of 10 to 12 years. Sometimes, stinkiness is also faced at an earlier age. In such a situation, you should consult a medical practitioner to know whether it is a sign of early puberty or some serious problem that needs medical treatment. In case of a former condition, you may select the safe deodorant for kids. Here, we will discuss the four deodorants that are perfect for kids:

  • Fresh Kidz Roll-on: Keeping in mind the sensitive skin of the teenage kids, fresh kidz deodorant comprise natural ingredients. These ingredients provide protection by reducing the growth of bacteria and helps in staying away from odour for 24 hours.
  • Missy Roll-on: These deodorants are also designed for the kids. They involve ingredients in the shape of oil that are extracted from plants. Missy roll-on have been dermatologically tested to avoid any kind of skin related issues.
  • Missy Spray: You would be thinking as to why Missy spray is mostly used among the kids? One of the main reasons of their popularity is that they reduce the growth of bacteria without blocking the skin pores. These deodorants provide protection for 24 hours.
  • Blast Spray: These deodorants are offered in 150 ml. Besides their fragrance smell, these deodorants do not leave a mark on clothing. Blast spray has been dermatologically tested so that it won’t irritate the skin. These deodorants provide protection against odour for 24 hours.

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