Monday, 30 November 2015

Why and How To Remove Body Odor in Kids

Love your kids, but can’t tolerate their body odor? All of us may face sweating in the hot season, but kids are the ones that endure this issue more due to poor hygiene. Increased sweating always causes bad body odor. Though every human body has its own temperature, and so are the symptoms of an increased or reduced sweating, yet we can control it from getting overheated or becoming too cold. Sweating is as essential to the body as is the food. It prevents the body from getting overheated. Sweating in itself does not contain any smell. The bacteria living on the skin causes the body to odor. Obviously, you would be thinking how to remove the bad body odor in the children due to their poor hygiene. Here, we are providing some tips like how to remove the bad body odor in kids.

  • Wash your body regularly, perhaps two to three times in summer season and dry it with a clean cloth.
  • Use clean and washed out clothes. Avoid using the clothes for more than a day.
  • Let your body and feet dry completely before wearing any clothes or shoes.
  • If you feel like a bad odor in the kid’s feet due to socks, ask him or her to use cotton socks instead of the synthetic one, but change their socks every day.

However, special deodorants like Fresh Kidz Deodorant have been created for the children keeping in mind their sensitive skin and other health issues. These deodorants can be proved very beneficial for your kids in the following ways:

  •  Use of deodorants on the sweating areas stops the bacteria from growing. Though, the body will produce the same quantity of sweat, yet there would be lesser bacteria that cause the smell.
  • To prevent the sweat ducts from secreting more sweat, children may be advised to take frequent showering of cold water. After the shower, immediate use of deodorants can lessen the sweat which means that fewer bacteria would be produced that will cause the lesser smell.
Perfumed fresh kidz deodorant for body odor are available in the market, but make sure that their smell should not mix with the sweat. Before using any deodorant, it is advisable to consult the medical practitioner in order to avoid the health issues.

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