Friday, 4 December 2015

Why Use Deodorant for Boys?

Body odor – one of the topics that hardly anybody wants to discuss as one feels embarrassment and shame, but a matter that needs appropriate discussion as how to resolve it. Body odor is an unlikable smell that results in sweat secreted by the body. Sweat never smells itself. It is the bacteria present on the skin that breaks the sweat into acid. Very few are known of the fact that there are 3 to 4 million sweat glands present on the human body. Not all sweat glands secrete offensive smell. The sweat secreted by some glands can be controlled by diet and excessive use of medication. While others can be controlled by showers, probably taken 2 to 3 times in summer season and use of deodorants. Usually, children reaching the age of puberty faces a considerable amount of body odor since the apocrine glands are in the developing stage. Boys usually face the most odor problem due to which it is suggested to use the deodorant for boys. Body odor in boys is due to many reasons like obese body, intake of spicy or rich foods and some medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

The perfect way to avoid the body odor is to keep the particular areas clean through washing that experience more sweating and bacteria. Cleaning of armpits, feet, and genital area through soap can help a great deal to reduce sweat and smell. However, there are four other ways to prevent the body odor. They are as under:

Select Natural Fabrics for the Body: Fabrics like polyester, nylon or their presence in clothing creates a stinky smell, whether worn in the summer or winter season. Use natural fabrics like cotton because it absorbs perspiration. Artificial fabrics absorb sweat and allow it to evaporate from the fabric due to which the smell is felt more.

Avoid Using the Onions and Garlic: There is nobody in this world that doesn’t know how the breath smells once someone takes onion and garlic. Remember that if you are around these vegetables and spices during cooking, your clothing can clutch the odor. Take a shower and change the outfit so that these odors may not be carried with you throughout the day.

Use Some Natural Underarm Deodorant:
Natural underarm deodorant such as the Apple cider vinegar is a great organic deodorant that helps in getting a relieve from the smell. Usually, it is recommended to use the natural deodorant for boys since it kills the body odor.

Reduce Meat From the Diet: Use of excessive meat from the food needs to be reduced because it helps in gaining weight and secrete more sweat. Obtaining oils and proteins from specific foods and consuming too many spices stay in the body’s secretions even if you consumed a long time ago. This reveals the bad odor.

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