Monday, 1 February 2016

Does Dude Considers Library the Coolest Place to Chill

To have a detailed discussion with the Teen Advisory Group, usually on most Fridays around 4 p.m., the librarian Andrea Lipinski organizes a community room at the Kingsbridge Library. As per the inspection, it has been found out that Ms. Lipinski is specialized in working effectively with the young adults. According to him, this group is a discussion board that has been created to see what teens actually want to perceive from the library.

As per her statement, the kids benefitted and helped the library in numerous ways like they tell as to what kind of material the libraries should buy. They also give suggestions as to what kind of programs should the libraries have.

The teens contribute a great deal to the social media pages of the Kingsbridge Library’ and provide feedback on the citywide library initiatives. Moreover, on attending the group, the participants get community service credit also.

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The group supported for some future programs for summer on January 22. Today’s kids are knowledgeable enough to realize how much importance does deodorant for kids hold particularly when they are highly involved in the exercises and sporting activities. The kids have included a class that will merge the Japanese manga-style drawing and the sexuality education that will be named as “So Fresh and So Clean”. For this, the teens have promised to educate how to create their own deodorant and body soap.

The teen advisory groups have gained popularity in few years, according to Ms. Lipinski. She narrated that every branch cannot uphold the teen advisory group because it requires a librarian on staff that is committed to it and willingness to stick with it. Ms. Lipinski is a librarian who deeply loves her students and discusses each issue with a mix of authority, respect and a little self-criticism.

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