Monday, 1 February 2016

What Every Mom-To-Be Should Put in Her Hospital Bag

Where becoming a mother for the first time of a newborn is really exciting for any woman, it also creates confusion as what to put in the bag when going to the hospital. If you put everything ready before time, it can not only provide you mental peace and gladness but can assist you in reducing a lot of stress that may be seen at the time of normal delivery or a c-section. When it comes to c-section, the stay in the hospital is usually longer than the usual birth. To whatever the situation is, you need to over pack the bag rather than under pack it in order to avoid the additional stress of the missed items.

Remember that a hospital bag must have at least three cubicles so you can easily organize and separate the things of yourself, hubby and the child. Such bags seem perfect for traveling because it keeps everything nice and tidy. Below are the items that every mom-to-be should never forget while going to the hospital.

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Slippers: After a c-section, bending down is usually not suggested, so it is appropriate to use the backless slippers because they are easy to put on or take off. Nice and comfortable socks can help you to stay warmer that you can wear with the help of a nurse or a husband.

Nursing Nightgown: Sometimes, you need to go out of the hospital, or meet your friends and family, might be in the morning or evening, so you are required to have a nursing gown that is comfortable, softer and attractive in appearance. This can be in a quantity of one to two.

Robe: Whether it’s a c-section or a usual delivery, some women feel cold so they can warm themselves up with a robe. A softer and comfier robe can make you mentally relax during up and down movements.

Nursing Pillow: Handling the child in such a condition is usually difficult for the new mothers. When you have stitches on your abdomen, it is hard and painful for the mother to hold onto the baby. A nursing pillow allows you to accommodate easily while holding onto the baby with two hands, so it doesn’t roll off.

Nursing Bra: Underwire bras are never recommended in such conditions. Instead, a softer one which can be easily pulled down for nursing while keeping everything snugly in place during sleep without making any discomfort should be used.

Toiletry Items: Whether it a winter or a summer season, bathing can never be ignored. Shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, headband/hair tie, deodorant are a must have in these situations. Likewise, if you want to keep your skin fresh and healthier, you can put lip balm, concealer, mascara, moisturizer and cheek stain in your hospital bag.

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